Personalize YOUR Tea Experience

On November 23, 2012, Gina Demos and daughter, Christina, opened the Saugatuck Tea Party Café tea room to residents and visitors on the West Michigan shore of Saugatuck. The tea room was located at 321 Water Street in the historic district of downtown Saugatuck, and was housed in a bygone saloon built in the 1800s.

Gina began her tea education by researching hundreds of teas, herbs, and flowers when her mother became ill over 30 years ago.  Together they found blending teas, herbs, and flowers helped relieve the side effects her mother was experiencing throughout her illness. Gina has continued her education with many certifications. Drawing from Gina’s shared knowledge and love of tea with her mother and daughter and gardening with her husband, Paul, as well as memories of her childhood family vacations to Saugatuck coming across the Lake Michigan by boat, the tea room was envisioned. 


A native Chicagoan, Gina, the “tea lady” as described by some of the local kids, is now living full time in Saugatuck.  “I have always dreamed of opening a tea room for everyone to enjoy. A place with no age boundaries. I strive to attract everyone from young students to seniors. With a blend of different types of tea and coffee drinks, Our tea room offers something for everyone. I want to educate as many people as I can about the benefits tea offers, especially combined with herbs and flowers.”

“Our tea room helps create another opportunity to enjoy the small town experience in Saugatuck and Douglas. The towns together are dedicated to an eclectic fusion of retail, local art, music, food, and resort town fun. The tea room is designed to serve as an additional social hub for the community.  Though the café right now is small, this is the first phase of my greater tea room vision, My plan to grow has been escalated due to the extraordinary support of the community since opening my doors, so stay tuned for more fabulous tea experiences to come!”


In the Fall of 2014, Gina's and Christina's expansion plans came to fruition, and they decided the location at 321 Water Street was too small as their business was growing at a faster rate than expected. The decision not to purchase the location was a hard one since it was the place where the tea room began and relationships were made. Gina and Christina then decided to move just across the street to 360 Water Street where they now occupy two for the retail shop and one for the café. This move allowed for expansion and a new name was created, Saugatuck Tea Company, which is also known as Saugatuck Tea Gifts and Café.

The Saugatuck Tea Company Café is where our our teasters serve up fresh brewed or iced international teas, lattes, tea infused chocolate drinks, and, of course, our popular Bubble Tea Smoothies in an amazing array of flavor combinations. All of our teas can be blended to personal taste, plus light pastries some with tea infusions. For patrons who simply must have their java, there are a variety of smooth choices...from Water Street Roasters of Kalamazoo, Death Wish Coffee Roasters of New York, and a daily specialty flavored coffee from Kaffé Magnum Opus. Our locally made, artisan gelato using the freshest ingredients which pairs well with our drinks.

The Saugatuck Tea Company Gifts features a rotating menu of teas and herbal blends from around the world and are premium grade, certified organic, fair trade, and ethically grown. Our shop offers unique and fun accessories for the tea and coffee drinker.  It is also the place where all of our teas and coffees are available to take home.  The gift shop has beautiful artisan pieces such as one of a kind, hand-blown glass from a local artist and Italian Majolica pottery from Artistica.

Come visit us and enjoy a wonderful, personalized beverage while rocking on our over-sized Purple Rockers. Bring your friends, family, and pets. We would love to meet you.

Tea Cheers!